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It doesn't seem possible but with Quantitrader providing the daily trades for you, it is.

Do you wish you could find a system that gave you:

  • Great profits with minimum risk
  • Yet took only 15 minutes a day?

Have you ever looked at quantifiable algorithms (these are called Algos in the trading world)?

Algos that gave you clear and concise trade signals each night.

Trading floors were once the preserve of adrenalin-fuelled dealers aggressively executing the orders of brokers who relied on research,experience and gut instinct to decide where best to invest. It's now done by algorithms”  Richard Anderson BBC News

When you trade with an algorithm there is no more:

  • Searching for that "perfect stock" 
  • Spending hours analyzing endless charts
  • Emotional roller-coaster that's been keeping you from making the kind of money that you deserve
  • Just clear and concise entry and exit signals that you can trade in minutes a day
  • Quantitrader provides daily signals from trading algorithms that rival those used by the largest institutions and hedge funds
  • Built for individuals looking to earn more income
  • Profit during all market conditions - up, down and sideways


President and Founder

Did you know 90% Of All Trades On Wall Street Are Done By Algos

With Quantitrader you get:

  • Access to 5 Algorithms (portfolios) 
  • 2 Portfolios go Long Only so appropriate for Retirement Type Accounts
  • No Special Software needed just an internet connection and a browser
  • Takes no more than 15 minutes a day
  • algorithms that have been back tested over 5 years and most have live data for more than 3 years

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You know how it is....


You are elated and you do a happy dance. 

Visions of vacations in Tahiti and a shiny new red corvette are overtaking your brain.

Trading is not all that hard.


You are dejected and want to jump off a bridge.

You wonder why you trade, it never turns out.

Maybe if I did more research.

Find that one indicator that will transform my trading. 

It's all so Exhausting

But it doesn't have to be once you firmly believe what Daniel Kahneman said in his excellent book, Thinking Fast and Slow, "Experts are uniformly inferior to algorithms in every domain that has a significant degree of uncertainty or unpredictability, ranging from deciding winners in football games to predicting longevity of cancer patients. One has to accept financial markets are no exception to the rule.”

Kahneman explains it with Brain #1 and Brain #2.

Brain #1  is your fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypical, and subconscious thinking system. The one that tells you, “Its ok, go buy that cherry red Mustang convertible, you can afford it.”

Brain # 2, on the other hand, is your slow, effortful, infrequent, logical, calculating, and conscious system. The one that realizes there is no way in hell you can afford the cherry red Mustang, you can hardly afford a Ford Fusion. No offense to anyone who has a Fusion but seriously, compared to a Mustang?

Brain #1 relies on intuition and assumptions – in the trading world, this is called discretionary trading and it is exhausting!

We like to think our conscious brain is sitting in the driver’s seat, but mano to mano, it’s not.

"I joined this service because I love the process of Quant trading, it removes all of the emotions. Many days when I was traveling, I couldn't even tell you where the markets closed, but I just entered my signals per the system and watched my account grow."   


"I really think you have the best thing out here for great performance and controlled and lower risk. 

"Really enjoying your service and am having consistently good results."  

Steve -Member

"Thank you so much for Quantitrader and here is to many years of success.

I have never been happier with any other services/systems I have tested over the years." 

Maria Ferguson - Stylist

Advanced Slot Technology

QiT​​​​’s Advanced Slot Technology is our money management regime. 

It quantifies the optimum percentage apportioned to each trade including the number of trades (slots) assigned to a portfolio


For many traders, stops are a must. Psychologically it allows them to take trades, especially difficult trades but on the whole, the edges you see in strategies are lower when stops are applied to them.

So then how do you get out of a trade if you don’t use a stop loss? QiT uses something called a Dynamic Exit. We don’t set the stop loss at a set percentage or a set number of days. We exit when a particular indicator tells us to exit. That indicator is the Connors RSI


QiT applies a moving average to each portfolios equity curve and will move to cash when the equity curve falls below this MA 

Since the equity curves are different for each portfolio, the MAs we use differ as well.

The MA  will change as the equity curve changes, as well.


What is a trade through and how does it affect the Quantitrader portfolios?

A trade through is when a system requires a stock to trade at least one penny past the limit entry or exit price.  Just hitting a limit price is not enough.

Quantitrader uses a limit order to enter all positions. We identify a candidate, according to the rules of the algorithm, then we make the market come to us by setting a limit order to enter below the close of the day (or above the close for shorts).

It only takes 15 minutes each night...

Here's how easy it is:

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  • Pick the algorithm you want to trade
  • Calculate the number of shares
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